ThreeThings: February 15-21

1. Learning a thing or two from facilitating team building activities (this can be another long blog, but for now this is all I have the time to write). We facilitated a team building activity for a big local company this week. We were a group of six facilitators from various fields facilitating 10 activities for over 120 employees. Suffice it to say that there really is a need to foster good relationship among employees within an organization and team building activities are useful in doing that, though there is a need to craft a carefully thought of program. Team building facilitation is a science in itself.  On another point, I realized how people’s occupations have a large effect on who they become essentially (eg. sales people tend to be very competitive).

2. Milestones for officemates. One of my colleagues is now transferring to a different organization (a Private company) but her work is still in communication. I’m happy for new opportunities for her though I’d really miss her. Another colleague has added another year to her wise years. Hooray for birthdays and new beginnings!

3. Fitness level: strength is okay but cardio is suspect. I can do the monkey bars, do push ups if need be, pull or push large objects, carry stuff around, etc but if I need to run for a long period of time, I’m doomed (the zombies will definitely get to me). Need to up my cardio again. The last time I did a 10k run was three years ago and a 5k run was a year ago. Haay.

ThreeThings: February 8-14

1. Start of Feb Fair – Our organization (UPLB-SVCF) has been setting up the zipline booth since 2003 (if I’m not mistaken) and this is the first time that we’ve set up and started operations without the ‘oldies’ since they have various work to attend to in various parts of the Philippines (Davao and Albay). So the task was put on the younger ones and I thank God that He has enabled them to really step up and strengthened them for the whole week of operating the zipline :)

2. Love learnings. Suffice it to say, I’ve realized how selfish I still am and how this human nature is one of the reasons why relationships fail. I thank God for giving me a patient, loving, and forgiving man. I also thank Him for making me realize what it really means to love – it is to give and to forgive the other and to forgive myself as well.

3. On replay: For King and Country’s Fix My Eyes. The lyrics of this song is worth meditating.

ThreeThings: February 1-7

1. Kings and battles. I’ve finished reading the Book of Chronicles in the Bible (you know, those Israelite Kings). One highlight for me was the realization that ‘all Kings go to war’ but their victory depends on their obedience to God. In life, we cannot not go into battles. Everyday, there’s a battle to be fought. The victory, however, is decided upon my obedience to the Great Commander.

2. Students. I have 81 individual students in 5 different courses and it was this week that I’ve met them. It’s intimidating and exciting to get to know all 81 of them, to see them grow (hopefully, in the right direction), to see them learn, and develop in our field. The youngest students I have this semester are 17 year olds and the oldest is at 25 years old. Though, every year the age gap between me and most of my students are widening, I still feel as young as when I first taught in the University some six years ago (haha). That being said, I hope we’d all have a productive and wonderful semester.

3. Games. And more games. For the past six months, me and a group of friends started this ‘Game Day’ where every month, we all go to a friend’s house to play games (and eat lots of food and ingest lots of caffeine). We play board games  and so far (after about five Game Days), I’ve played Resistance, Munchkin, Blockus, Catan, Bang!, Ticket to Ride, and Upwords. To give context: we are all adults (20 and above), working (except for my boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend), and living all in various places in NCR and Calabarzon. I have come to believe that games are really useful and key in building deeper relationships.

ThreeThings: January 25-31

1. Safe last Sunday. Screenshot 2015-02-02 07.31.58

2. Dissolved class. I am supposed to graduate this semester and so I’m really, really hopeful I’d get fewer subjects to teach so I can focus a bit on finishing my research. The reality in the College, however, is that we all have lots of courses to teach because of the overlap of the old and new curriculum (just for this year) so there’s not much choice but to accept the load given. I was initially give 5 courses to handle, 3 of which are laboratory classes AKA checking nightmare classes. T’was tough but I’m thankful that one subject got dissolved because of lack of students for that schedule. So there. Four course preparations (three laboratory classes) is still quite a lot but I’m still thankful. And don’t worry, the lone student in the dissolved class has been transferred, so he’s good.

UPDATED: I have a 197 class again. Haha. Oh well. The strength within me may fail but my God will not. Here’s to 5 course preps, to tons of checking, and to graduating this semester! :D

3. TLT Dinner @ Ludo’s Bar and Cafe. Jed’s elementary school is perhaps one of the defining factor in who he is today. He went to The Learning Tree Child Growth Center (TLT) in Quezon City. They were the first batch of students so naturally, they were very special and the batch mates are really close. Of what Jed would tell me, he and his classmates would meet almost yearly since their elementary days (that’s been 14 years). They are really good friends and it was nice to meet them.

Photo from Lizette Santos.
                Photo from Lizette Santos

The place we went was also fascinating. Ludo’s Bar and Cafe in Tomas Morato is a gamer’s haven. It has 360 board games according a news piece and seeing the place, I think they do have 360 games or more in that place. We played Ticket to Ride and Resistance for about eight hours. Their food’s not bad also though having more choices would’ve been better.

Photo on 1-31-15 at 12.20 PM #2

Jed was quick to say ‘this is not gonna be our last time here’ and I’d have to agree.

ThreeThings: January 18-24

1. New Planner for 2015. I have long seen the need to have a planner. I have always had one since 2003. For this year, I have a locally made one. It’s sturdy, no-frills, and is an extremely useful planner courtesy of my colleague who’s also into designing and creating notebooks, planners, etc. Check out her designs at their FB page: The Bindery.

2. Young Professionals Fellowship: food, games, getting to know each other more. Growing up with other church kids can be a challenge and an exciting adventure. We were once the Sunday School kids, then the Youth Group, and now we are the Young Professionals. I’m thankful that we have our support system in the church through the various turbulent phases of life. On to the next phase!

3. Black and Decker large coffee maker from ukay-ukay. I got it for 800 pesos with free 1/2 kg Benguet Arabica Coffee. It serves 12 cups and works perfectly fine. Hooray for ukay-ukays!

Three more (just because there’s so much to be thankful for)

1. Jed’s promotion at work. I’m really proud of his work ethic and his discipline.

2. Moved a teeny-weeny bit sa thesis. Because every small step counts, I’ve to be really thankful. I was able send my research instrument to my adviser and will now be awaiting for her reply if I can then proceed to data gathering already.

3. Everyday physical activity. Stretching everyday may not seem like much but I’ve been consistently doing it this week and am happy with how my body is responding. Also, been walking more often. Going back to training Muay Thai is still my goal but these small successes are important to note as well.