Talk: The past weeks or so for me

What’s up? In a nutshell, I’ve been writing my thesis. The things in between, I shall reveal here. *dandandandan*

– I’ve re-arranged my room for the nth time this year. Moved my bed a little bit to the center and moved my desk near the window. I hope the view outside inspires my last (gruesome) writing sessions in the coming weeks.

– I’m being stingy since I’m not sure if I’ll still have a job come August. My parents have been very generous to their 28 year old daughter. Hihi. I’ve some savings also. The Lord is my provider and He never fails.

– I’ve gone back to reading Terry Pratchett. I’ve been initially reading LOTR 1 but I got tired and I wanted some dry humor to break my thesis-spell. JRR Tolkien seems to continuing my thesis-spell what with his serious, non-stop journeying and perils and dooms, so I shifted (for now) back to Pratchett.

– I’ve had a mini breakdown of sorts. I cried so hard my nostrils weren’t sure if they’d help me breathe or declog first. My eyes were so puffy, Jed and I took a photo of my ‘slits’, formerly my eyes. Jed’s embrace all throughout the ‘breakdown’ session was so reassuring that I cried more. Hehe. I was just so tired of running after everything, getting near the finish line but being burdened by troublesome injuries or blockades (metaphorically, of course). I just cried and cried and then it was over. The finish line is still “near yet so far” but I’ve got my second wind now.

– I still sleep for 7 hours every night. Nothing can make me sleep less.

– For my breaktime, I had been watching this ‘teen series’ The 100 (read as ‘the hundred’). I finished season 1 but Jed won’t give me season 2 just yet. He said I’ve to finish my manuscript first. Oh well.

– I’ve been trying to cook lots of my food these days. Lots of ‘pa-cham’ (pa-chamba cooking). I’m learning. I will become a good cook and my family will be well-fed. Hehe

With Hansel
Random photo of our cat and his ‘watchulukinat?!’ look. He doesn’t have a thesis to write. Good for him.

That’s it for now. Just had to write it here. Haven’t been journaling much, what with thesis-writing taking the fun out of ‘writing‘. And that being said, I’ll go back to writing now. Ciao!

Talk: Teacher, Teacher, how do you do?

When I was 11, I wrote that I wanted to be a best-selling novelist. Come up with one solid, best selling book and live comfortably.

When I was 15, I had a huge crush on this college basketball player. I wanted to be a court side reporter and interview only him, regardless if he’s the best player or not.

My mantra then: “I.WILL.INTERVIEW.ONLY.HIM.”

When I was 18, I had no idea what I wanted to be except to be good and productive citizen of this world, provide for my family, and read as many books as I want, hardbound copies.

When I was 23, I thought of being an MMA fighter. I thought about that for sometime, got my butt kicked in training every day, still thought about fighting, couldn’t cut my weight to the optimum weight and decided against it because I wanted to be a teacher pala talaga. 

Unconsciously, I’ve been teaching since I was about 10.

I’ve been teaching my paper dolls, teaching kids at Sunday School classes, teaching group mates during group meetings, teaching cell group mates, teaching campers, teaching my pets, teaching myself.

All these time, I was being geared to be a teacher – my nanay is also a teacher, my tatay is also a teacher/pastor. I love learning, I love sharing – the writing, talking, and well, fighting, were all part of the package of my brand of teaching. (Note: do not take ‘fighting’ literally. hehe).

Technically, my contract as a teacher ended last May 31. I’ve been teaching in UPLB for 7 years already. Not sure if I will be renewed (pending request to the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines). I have not yet finished my Master’s Degree (a requisite for continuing in UP).

I would love to still teach here but if ever I would not be renewed in UPLB, I know I’ll still be teaching wherever I go.

[Thesis Writing] How I roll the past few days

currently being written... (Source:

Typical day be like:

6am wake up, make breakfast, qt, take a bath
10am goes to the office to CONTINUE WRITING
12 pm watch UFC video or some inspiring documentary (recently “Klitschko” (2011). haha)
2:12 pm stand up, stretch, tulala, nganga
2:30 pm CONTINUE WRITING (while nibbling on corniks or dried mangoes or some chips)
4:30 pm content of what I’ve been writing doesn’t make sense anymore. stop. stare at the ceiling while still nibbling on whatever food
6:00pm pack up. go home. thinking while walking.
6:30pm dinner
12:00pm brain shutdown.

So far, I’ve been like this since Monday and I’ve come up with about 60 pages (1.5 spacing) of Chapter 4 (Results and Discussion) but that’s only about 1/4 of total manuscript. Tomorrow, the schedule will change as I have 10-1, 1-4 classes and exercises to check. Aah, such a refreshing change (not sarcastic).

I’m tired.

Now, back to thesis writing.

ThreeThings: Skippity Skipped Weeks

Straining to the finish line (graduation).
Straining to the finish line (graduation).

You can guess I’m having a hard time coping up with the demands of work again. I couldn’t even sit down to write three things.

I was not able to blog anything for the following dates:

  • March 8-14
  • March 22-28
  • March 29-April 4
  • April 5-11
  • April 12-18
  • April 19-25
  • April 26- May 2
  • May 3-9

Yep, 8 weeks. I still hope to be able to write things I’ve learned from those weeks for chronicling’s sake but with the rate things are going, my next blog could be after June 22 (my thesis defense).

Well, anyway, the thing is there’s the gnawing uncertainty of being unable to graduate (yet. again). I have been teaching in UPLB since 2008 (Goodness. It’s been seven years!).

By the rules, I have until May of 2015 to finish my MS degree or else my contract with the University will not be renewed.

I’m not yet finished with my thesis and so I have to request for an extension of even until the Mid-year of this academic school year. I pray the Lord will help pull through this and provide answers – His answers.

That’s all for now. Till June.

Book and Piganda

Celebrating our anniv at Cubao X

For this week, I’d skip ThreeThings. Instead, I’d like to write (briefly I hope) about our anniversary celebration.

I told Jed ‘I leave the day’s planning to you‘.

Girls tend to want to always be surprised – I’m not an exception. But I couldn’t help not meddling with his plans and he was not very good in keeping secrets either (haha) but the day went pretty well, very well I should say.

Jed is a Quezon City boy. He was born there, went to school there until high school before he went to UPLB but he didn’t get to move around much and explore all of their huge city. We agreed that we’d spend the day in QC since we spent the previous week in my city (Batangas City).

After church, we went home for lunch with his mom and sister and off we went to only he (at that time) knew where. Turns out, he wants to us to visit Cubao Expo (fondly called Cubao X) just a couple of blocks from their house.

Some information about the place:

“Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) is a hub of novelty shops, galleries, restaurants, and bars well-known among the literati, painters, photographers, collectors, celebrities, and indie musicians, and filmmakers.” – WikiPilipinas

While a journalist wrote of the place as “perhaps the last artiste’s haven in Manila, Cubao X – where intellectual rebels, indie designers, comic book geeks and gamers, rock purveyors, and the odd restaurateur find refuge”. 


It was the main shopping area for shoes from Marikina before the large shopping malls dotted the Cubao area. It has evolved through time to accommodate the niche market of ‘literati, painters, photographers, etc’ that it has become known for. Recently also, it has an added attraction with the Art in Island (we’ll come back for this next time).

Jed prepared a ‘budget’ for us. ‘I saved the whole week for this. See I prepared‘, he’d remind me. Haha. I have to admit, I did not expect how he’d plan it all out being the homebody that he is. ANYWAY.

We started walking around, it was really not a very big place but there are lots of interesting stuff so we ended up staying for about 4 hours.

We first went in to this quaint shop ‘The Reading Room’ and looked around (forgive me as I’m still saving for a decent camera so there’s not much photos of the place). You can check them out here. We bought two cutesy stationery for keeping tabs of our reading list. Apparently, the store’s been in Cubao X for about 8 years now.

Inside, one can list the ‘book’s title, start time and finish time’. There’s also a quote that says ‘Any great things have small beginnings’ :)

Next, we went in to a couple of antique shops. We didn’t really buy anything, more like looked around and basically stayed to listen to the various vinyl records playing. “They sound really, really good and sharp,” he’d keep saying.

We went to the antique shop called Remnants at the end of the U-shaped expo area and started going through their book selection. And then Jed found Terry Pratchett’s Nation hardbound book for only P280.00. Whoa! I almost knocked over a shelf of figurines because of excitement. He also got the CS Lewis’ Narrative Poems.

We had a small chat with the owner Kuya Chito Soliven and he said they’ve been there for quite a long time already. He said they were also the book sellers at CAL in UP Diliman. Mid-April, they hope to get their new stocks of books out of the customs. We should check them out again, he added. We said ‘sure we’ll visit again’.

Book and Piganda

A bit hungry, we went to this shop ‘The Appraisery‘ because we saw the box of table top games on display and we knew they served food so that would be the perfect place. We went in, ordered coffee (P80-90.00) (they didn’t have cold drinks besides Iced Tea then) and a Seattle dog sandwich (P150.00). Jed went to the second floor to look for games for two players only.

When Jed went down with this big box ‘Le Fantôme de l’Opéra’ (The Phantom of the Opera), I couldn’t quite think what to make of it. ‘This is the only game for two players and it says about 30-minutes of playing so I got it’ he said.

Photo from
Photo from

So we had about 10 minutes of figuring out the game then we had our first try of it and it was actually fun, a bit confusing at times, but fun. He won the first round as the Phantom while I won the second round also as the Phantom. We had quite a harder time being the Investigator, I guess. Another two games and we’d probably get the hang of it more, however I had to go home to LB so we promised ourselves we’d play it more.

The sandwich was good, as well as the coffee but the place is really interesting because of the games. It was like a cheaper and more accessible version of Ludo from my previous post, though, I think The Appraisery was established earlier.

Before leaving for home, we dropped by an ukay-ukay store a bit and scanned their stuff. Jed quickly pushed a small stuffed toy to me. ‘Here, this is for you’

We named it Piganda (a pig panda who constantly appears in the photos with our loot. hehe).

Before leaving, I told Jed I enjoyed our time and we’d definitely come back to explore Cubao X more. He said ‘hooray!’.