Theia: Exciting Times

Eight months ago I wrote about my Grad School clearance process.

I stopped blogging after that. July last year, I had days when I’d just literally write almost the entire day. You can read about it here.

Eight months ago, I finally finished my Master’s degree. I started back in 2009. Grad school while working was tough – not fun at all. Grad School sapped my writing genes. Seriously.

In between then and now, I would’ve written about lots of things. I did travel quite a bit, though mainly for research work. I am still teaching and loving every minute of it. I still do talk a lot about stuff I’m passionate about. But I didn’t – couldn’t.

The desire to share stories, personal stories, was not there anymore. Snippets of my life were on Facebook but majority of the things I experienced (teaching, traveling, and life’s talk-points) I mostly kept private.

So why am I here again?

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Grad School 101: The Clearance

I’ll start blogging about the end of my Grad School life here in UPLB. I just finished my Masters degree last July. And yes, I’m only going through the process of getting cleared from the University (as a grad student) just now.

I got accepted in November of 2009, exactly six years ago. My grad school life spanned three Chancellors and consequently three processes in enrollment, clearance, etc. They do tend to change processes a lot, to my chagrin. I can never memorize what I’d have to do next, where I’d have to go to, who needs to sign, etc.

Anyway, I’ll put this here as some sort of informal documentation. Might help others like me – those who could never get the step-by-step processes right.

How to get University clearance (for UPLB Grad Students):

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This is the thesis.

I had been under the ‘thesis-phase’ for quite some time. It actually took me 2 years and 2 months to finish it – almost half my entire debacle with this master’s degree.

Enrolled the first 3 units of my Masters thesis in the 1st semester (June-Nov) of 2013-14. I moved to ACCI Dorm and I ran a lot (I think I lost some weight during that time). I was also working on another research where I was the study leader while teaching journalism courses also. It was during this time when I also had my personal trips to Bacolod (June 2013) and Davao (August 2013) and I had BruceLeeTo, my new laptop. I was also single, reeling from a breakup (with Jed) from the end of the previous year.

I think it was also this time that I served as a PDA (Project Development Associate) at the Office of Student Affairs helping the Student Organizations and Activities Division until November of that year. I read and read and read and then submitted an initial list of research problems I thought I could do. Nope. My research adviser was looking for something… else. So nada for that first five months.

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Talk: The past weeks or so for me

What’s up? In a nutshell, I’ve been writing my thesis. The things in between, I shall reveal here. *dandandandan*

– I’ve re-arranged my room for the nth time this year. Moved my bed a little bit to the center and moved my desk near the window. I hope the view outside inspires my last (gruesome) writing sessions in the coming weeks.

– I’m being stingy since I’m not sure if I’ll still have a job come August. My parents have been very generous to their 28 year old daughter. Hihi. I’ve some savings also. The Lord is my provider and He never fails.

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Talk: Teacher, Teacher, how do you do?

When I was 11, I wrote that I wanted to be a best-selling novelist. Come up with one solid, best selling book and live comfortably.

When I was 15, I had a huge crush on this college basketball player. I wanted to be a court side reporter and interview only him, regardless if he’s the best player or not.

My mantra then: “I.WILL.INTERVIEW.ONLY.HIM.”

When I was 18, I had no idea what I wanted to be except to be good and productive citizen of this world, provide for my family, and read as many books as I want, hardbound copies.

When I was 23, I thought of being an MMA fighter. I thought about that for sometime, got my butt kicked in training every day, still thought about fighting, couldn’t cut my weight to the optimum weight and decided against it because I wanted to be a teacher pala talaga. 

Unconsciously, I’ve been teaching since I was about 10.

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